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Pc We are in an industry for the future. A historical look back shows that this has been the case ever since the beginning in 2010.

Who We Are

Morzon is committed to transforming businesses, shaping the future of innovation and developing technologies to drive human progress. We are passionate about driving human progress through greater access to better technology, for people with big ideas around the world.

Our Brands

Morzon is at the forefront of driving the digital future. With the combined power of industry leaders: morhosting, morsistem, morzonscience, turkvent, morzon IOT and hepavent , we’re committed to transforming lives with world-class technologies.


We believe progress sits at the intersection of humanity and technology. The role of our leadership team is to harness transformation on a global scale, so people and organizations can thrive within the digital economy.


Partnering with dynamic and agile companies is what fuels our desire to drive digital transformation. Together, we create iconic solutions to modernize the technologies, people and processes of today.

We share a vision of a future that is better than today!

We share a vision of a future that is better than today! Given the important role of new tecnologies plays in each of our daily lives, Morzon’s focus on science-based solutions for earth is the way we seek to enhance the quality of people’s lives.
Given the important role of new tecnologies plays in each of our daily lives, Morzon’s focus on science-based solutions for earth is the way we seek to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

The way we are

At Morzon, we have decided to make a difference for our customers and for the environment. Our values determine the way we interact with each other, our customers and suppliers and the community.

Our business concept

Long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers is important to us. It’s a way for us to sharpen our demands even further when developing new products and manufacturing processes.

Our air handling units are tested and certified, which provides an additional sense of security for our customers. An integral part of our quality and environmental work is that we are certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

The long-term approach is also clearly reflected in our investments. We have made significant investments in premises for our development laboratory, production, offices and a training centre. In order to streamline and increase capacity, we have installed the latest technology in production machinery.

We think outside the box !

We offer high quality and innovative products that make it possible to recover energy and create a good indoor climate. This has been our philosophy for many years, and has created great success for us with an average growth of 16% over the last ten years.

Our focus on life cycle cost (LCC) permeates the entire operation, from product development to sales. This is a natural part of our development work. The goal is clear. Our products will give you, the customer, the lowest total cost for purchase, operation and service. Optimised life cycle costs also create a higher property value. It ultimately all centres around a need to protect the environment and the Earth’s resources together.

With our complete range of products and the long experience we have accrued, we can find air handling solutions that satisfy most needs. We are happy to share our knowledge and aim to make it easy and comfortable for our customers to choose Morzon as their supplier.

Priority areas

We have identified three key areas in which we can control our environmental impact:

  • Energy recycling

  • Use of raw materials

  • Chemicals



Quality in all stages

The concept of quality permeates all work at Morzon. We want to be associated with quality in relation to our manufacturing, marketing, and customer service. By being clear in our quotations, we create security and confidence. We go through technical and economic specifications with the customer in order to avoid misunderstandings. If there are requests for special adaptations we add specialist skills. When an order is received, it is checked and any deviation is approved and signed by the Engineering Department. When everything is ready, the customer will receive an order confirmation in which Morzon reports that we can carry out the order according to the customer’s requirements.

Our goal is to always build in quality when we develop new products. We prioritise technical solutions where we can verify the reliability and monitor product safety and environmental aspects continuously during construction work. By focusing on the lifetime cost, we create sustainable value for the customer while also conserving the Earth’s resources.

Environmental aspects are taken into consideration continuously and always in connection with construction, development and purchasing of products and components.

References From All Over the World!

Everything from LABs to hospitals, airports and shopping centres.

We know air handling units. Since 2010, we have delivered more than 5,000 projects in 8 different countries. Our long experience has given us a unique knowledge of the requirements for various types of construction such as passive buildings, near-zero energy buildings, Green Buildings and more. This has made us a complete and reliable supplier.
The projects we have delivered include schools, offices, hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, sports arenas and blocks of flats. Lab management systems, airports and major industrial complexes are also included among the assignments we have had over the years.
No assignment is too big. And none is too small. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the right solution for your particular project.


We always strive to provide the best service and support

In order for us to assist you in the best possible way, please have your order number and date of manufacture to hand before contacting our support team.

This can be found on the unit’s model plate or the lower right corner of the wiring diagram.

Do not hesitate to call us or send an e-mail via the form.

Do you want to work in an industry of the future?

It is important that our employees thrive, have fun and feel proud to work at Morzon. As a privately owned company, we work from a long-term perspective and strive to create a good working environment where every individual has the opportunity to grow. Morzon has expanded rapidly in recent years and we are always looking for dedicated and skilled employees. Do you want to be involved in developing Morzon?

Interested in working with us but can’t find any openings? Please send us an expression of interest or subscribe to get information about available positions!