Information regarding COVID-19!

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The global markets are currently affected by the continued spread of COVID-19 throughout the world. Unfortunately, we are seeing no signs of improvement in the short term. To ensure timely deliveries and ongoing information as much as we can, Turkvent has formed an internal task force responsible for monitoring the situation closely on a daily basis.

We have already taken several steps to minimize the risk of infection. The purpose of these initiatives is to protect our employees, customers and partners while ensuring a continued high level of service and delivery reliability.

The situation is highly unusual, and many factors are unknown and can affect or significantly change our ability to deliver in the short and long term. We’re still receiving supplies from our suppliers, and our factory is following the scheduled production. We have internal coordination meetings several times a week to align the demand/supply situation between our sales, logistics and production departments.

In case of delivery delays and other significant changes, we will inform affected parties as soon as we can.
Our external sales teams have been asked not to participate in any physical meetings. Instead, we recommend that planned and future meetings be held on the telephone, via Skype or similarly.

Many employees will be working from home. But all key functions remain manned. Therefore, we encourage you to do business with us as usual by contacting your normal Turkvent contact by email or telephone.


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