Kitchen Exhaust Solutions for Indoor Air Quality

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Kitchen Exhaust Systems remove the smoke, grease, and odors generated by grilling and frying foods in restaurants, delis, hospitals, sport arenas, concert halls, and schools. Utilizing multiple technologies, including Turkvent’s core technology of electrostatic precipitators, along with engineered impingement surfaces and specifically selected adsorbents designed for the removal of kitchen odors, Turkvent can assist you with your regulator compliance issues involving pollution control, health and safety, fire, and mechanical.

If you’re located in a high-rise without roof access to ventilate your kitchen exhaust or facing the high cost of fire retardant duct work, Turkvent’s Kitchen Exhaust Systems may assist you in exhaust at street level. Turkvent’s systems may also assist you with reducing neighborhood odor complaints. Whatever your Kitchen exhaust filtration needs are, we offers multiple systems to address those needs.


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