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Stay connected with Morsistem® Cloud

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Morsistem® cloud is a smart remote maintenance service for monitoring and controlling your air handling units.

Using the ventilation technology of the hospitals is as an example, we show the advantages of this innovative system, which we develop together with our longtime partner morsistem®.

The cloud service enables extensive analysis and control of your air handling units.

Kitchen Exhaust Solutions for Indoor Air Quality

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Kitchen Exhaust Systems remove the smoke, grease, and odors generated by grilling and frying foods in restaurants, delis, hospitals, sport arenas, concert halls, and schools. Utilizing multiple technologies, including Turkvent’s core technology of electrostatic precipitators, along with engineered impingement surfaces and specifically selected adsorbents designed for the removal of kitchen odors,

Information regarding COVID-19!

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The global markets are currently affected by the continued spread of COVID-19 throughout the world. Unfortunately, we are seeing no signs of improvement in the short term. To ensure timely deliveries and ongoing information as much as we can, Turkvent has formed an internal task force responsible for monitoring the situation closely on a daily basis.

ExpoMed Hybrid 2022

Morzon Science attracted great attention at the 2022 ExpoMed Hybrid Fair, where all the manufacturers and suppliers of the medical sector participated.