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Innovation is at the heart of our DNA

Powering impactful sustainability, respectful technologies, 
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    Our contributions to a wide range of applications

    Building partnerships to manufacture solutions. Producing a wide range of customized products at your request. Our manufacturing technology and production capacity enables us to deliver what customers need, regardless of lot size.
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    Innovating Everywhere

    Our robust HVAC segment features industry-leading solutions to improve global comfort, productivity and efficiency. From our best-in-class products and services to our innovative controls and building automation systems, we’re driving the future of intelligent and sustainable buildings.

    We deliver Sample to Insight solutions for molecular testing, propelling our customers from start to finish to unlock new insights. This is how we make improvements in life possible.

    At Morzon,
    we’re inspiring confidence in a healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent world

    Social Contribution

    Under the slogan "For the Next Step," Morzon engages in social contribution activities, by making the most of its products, content, technologies, the strengths of employees, and partnerships. A future of hope made by sharing as we create a world of co-existence

    Inclusion drive innovation

    Respecting employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives stimulates innovation and drives our creation of social value. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are encoded in our DNA and shape a vibrant corporate culture.

    Creating a world with no limitations

    We strive for a future where everyone shares the moment, overcoming the limitations of age, physical conditions and environment. We apply technology to incorporate accessibility into our products and services.

    Healthy and Safe @ Morzon

    Driven by continuous improvement, the rapidly changing world of work and the most basic act to continue to provide a healthy, safe, and productive work environment, it is time to prepare for the work environments of the future.

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    Understanding Morzon’s Product Pipeline

    Our product pipeline is a summary of the products that we’re currently researching and manufacturing, but it can mean so much more.

    Here’s what it is and why you should care.



    Healthcare Contamination Prevention Products
    Improving air quality in food manufacturing, hospitals, clinics and other health-care settings is a vital constituent of modern airborne hygiene procedures.
    • air purifiers
    • Package AHU
    • Laminar flow units
    • Fan Filter units
    • Air Terminales
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    HVACHeating, Cooling, Air Handling, and Control Products
    Our products at work in offices and factories, in warehouses and stores, in campuses, in shoppng malls and hotels.
    • exhaust fans
    • air handling units
    • dehumidifier units
    • unit heaters
    • fancoıls
    • heat recovery units
    • floor convectors
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    EcologyUnits and Filter Products
    Modern ventilation systems for your commercial kitchen or production plant. Grease, Smoke (Particulates) and Odors (Gases) filtering systems.
    • Ecology unıts
    • make-up aır units
    • electrostatic filters
    • wet scrubbers
    • UVC Ozone chambers
    • plasma filters
    • carbon fılters
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    Diagnostic Products
    Today, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of SARS-CoV-2 testing solutions, covering the needs of clinical and research customers
    • SARS CoV 2 Detection Kits
    • Rapid Tests
    • Extraction Kits
    • VTM & Swab
    • RT-PCR Devices
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    e-commerce platforms for products and spare parts
    With the development of digital and mobile technologies, online and instore channels should no longer be viewed independently but as integrated channels that benefit from each other
    • fancoilsepeti.com
    • iklimsepeti.com
    • fanburada.com
    • iklimburada.com
    • kontrolsepeti.com
    • frekansinvertoru.com
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    Service & Maintenance
    Our service team provides reactive service (repairs) in case of malfunctions. Whereas our maintenance team provides preventive support with the aim of minimizing the risk of system failures
    • Annual Maintenance
    • Renewal Service
    • Inspection
    • Cleaning
    • Replacement
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    Controland Monitoring
    IoT gives companies opportunities to intelligently monitor and control the performance and condition of HVAC systems. Here are the five primary ways companies use IoT to improve these operations
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Remote System Monitoring and Control
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Recurring Service Plans
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    Designand Project Support
    Based on your building plans, we determine the required air volumes. This is based on the current regulations of the EnEV and the DIN standards. Then we plan your complete ventilation system using modern CAD programs and our experience.
    • Kitchenhood Exhaust and Make-Up Air
    • Fan Sizing and Selection
    • AHU Selectıon
    • Energy Recovery
    • Hydronic Specialties etc.
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    We’ve prepared resources for more information about our products.
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